I worked for dollar general for nearly 2 years. 7 months of that as acting assistant manager.

I worked every time they asked. I covered for every employee in the store. Imade sure the money was correct every night. I took care of my employees and m manager.

I gave excellent customer service. I cleaned and stocked and did my managers job from the first week. Then I was informed that another girl that I trained was being given the assistant job and I was being busted to part time and would receive less than 20 hours a week. I was stunned.

Completely stunned. I was told if she doesnt work out then we'll give it to you. So I was to hover like a vulture over my coworker to take her job. I quit the same day.

I told them that wasnt who I was. I would not betray people the way I was. I was angry and hurt. I simply gave my keys to the manager and told him no.

Dollar general is a horrible company to work for. People are angry at the state of the stores. What they fail to realize is that only two people are permitted each shift. Most of my shifts I worked alone.

I took vendors and trucks alone while stocking and and running the cash register. I did all this for the kingly sum of $8 an hour. I was an ***.

No more. I'd live on the streets before I'd work for them again.

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