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I was recently "hired on" by the company about 2 weeks ago to work in the afternoons, I was supposed to have my first day this Saturday. Well this morning a received a call from the manager asking if I could come in today, I asked what time and she says 9am. Now, I told her when she interviewed me that I was only available in the afternoons and she said that was okay. So our phone conversation just earlier went basically like this:

Manager: Can you come in today at 9am?

Me: no, I'm sorry, I'm only available in the afternoons.

Her: well I really need someone for basically the mornings not really afternoons..

Me: well I informed you during our interview what hours I could work and you said that it was fine.

Her: *long pause* alright. Well I guess this isn't going to work out for either of us. Bye *quickly hangs up*

Now that is POOR management. If I was meant to be an "on-call" type of employee, that should have been stated from the beginning and she could have found someone else!

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Most retail/restaurant/grocery store employees should be aware that if another employee has an emergency or becomes ill, that you can be called to see if you can come in. Most of the time it is OK if you can't go in, but that being said, being you were a new employee, maybe you were being tested to see how flexible you are. It also might have been to your benefit to hurry up and change you schedule for the day so you could have went in on the day she called you.

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