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I like your stores but I just feel you need to create a position for just working stock. The cashiers have to run back and forth between stocking and helping customers at the register. I know its to save money, but with stock all over the place your losing money when customers dont want to come in.

thank you

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Orange, California, United States #930553

Fine have them hire more people, then mommy and daddy will have to pay more. This means that they have to spend that extra money on house hold items and less to buy toys and candy for you.

Besides how can they hire if people do not apply for the job? Even applicants should be able to do the job they apply for, therefore even if a person applies for a job, they won't get it if they are not qualified.


Ohhh my lord this is so true. Those people that bust their a__ to truley make sure the store looks nice and shopple for customers .the employees look wore out, beat down mentley.

This truley has to stop going on in america . I do know how these people work and it is hard work, stocking, customer service, register, cleaning the store every min. The point is jobs are not to be easy easy but *** .. corp.

Needs to come work along side with their people .. if they even know their people and listen .. give a raise once.! TO YOUR PEOPLE..

MAKES PEOPLE FEEL GOOD..... DOLLAR GENERAL CORP! LISTEN!!! Give more than 4 hours a day to these hard working people..

15 hours a week is bull s... and YOU KNOW THIS........

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