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I loved working for the dollar general until I worked with Rosa Doucet in the Mermantau Louisiana store #12783 I was 3rd key holder an I quit because she did me wrong I had the weekend off which she had gave me on Sat May 26 she called me an I was busy taking an entrance exam to a college an didn't reply now I was off until Monday May 28 at 11 an so when I went in to work at 11 I seen that the schedule was changed from me going in at 11 to having to go in at 4 pm now not only was scheduled changed with no warning but I was also dropped from 27.75 hours to 16.75 hours which is 11 hour drop plus I have to drive from Crowley to Mermentau does Ms Rosa Doucet have to pay my gas no so she could've at least given me a call, text letting me know cuz when she called me letting me know she needed me cuz her daughter got beat up I text her Rhonda Nunn an Taylor Landry letting them all know I was in the middle of a college entrance exam so if you ask me she was mad at the fact that I was available for her that day so she changed my schedule well she is a *** of a boss an should be fired cuz she has this weekend off June 1st an is making Taylor Landry work the whole weekend how unfair is that. She also tries to scare people by telling them the district manger Richard Moore is coming that don't scare people but she has a rude awakening coming she is so rude to employee an customers she's going to be the reason why I go to the bbb an make a complaint on there Web site to an I will call the corporate office on her as well.

She has no compassion for people I went to the emergency room an was told I needed a surgery on my gallbladder an she says to me that she hope she can get her tongue before I have my surgery like her tongue was more important than me having gallstones.

Well her tongue wasn't life r death she is very cold hearted. Thank you glad I quit from there store number 12783

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Du Bois, Pennsylvania, United States #949224

It seems like I just read a soap opera script.

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