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Hi. My name is Angela. I have been to this Dollar General several times. On a few occasions the employees are rude. But, on Saturday, May 10th at 11:16am, I went to this store to return an item I had bought from there on Friday, May 9th. Upon walking to the register I realized I was in line behind an employee. She was purchasing an item. This employee kept looking at me then would glance at my return item several times. I didn't pay attention to it at first. The employee at the register tells the employee in front of me.. "It looks like we have a return" then says "Are you off the clock yet?" (I'm assuming she's going to lunch.) Then the employee in front of me abruptly grabs her bagged item and swirls around me and says, " Are you exchanging or returning?" I said, "I'm returning.. the item was too big." (I was returning a lunch bag that happened to be too big for my daughter to take to school. ) Then the employee in question gives an additude and while walking away says, "It figures!!" So, I asked for my item back and asked what her name was. The other employee said "Barb". I said "Ok" and walked out... with my item.

That is not the way to treat a customer. This lady started her additude the moment I walked in the door with my return item in my hand by giving me dirty looks.. then responds with "it figures" when I asked for my money back. The item in question was never used.. It still had the tag attached to it and I had my receipt. I will never patronize that particular Dollar General again. I've heard of a few other people have issues with employees there as well. I will anticipate a response about this issue. I spend a great deal of money with your company and DO NOT deserve to be treated that way under no circumstances. To talk to customers in that fashion with other customers around is a disgrace and UNCALLED FOR. Please give this your utmost attention. I feel very embarrassed and emotionally spent.

"Barb" was the only name given to me.

Sincerely yours,

Angela G.

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