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This evening 4/14/15 my husband & I went to ur store @625 Pioneer Rd Mesquite,TX 75149 to return a 12pack of Coke & exchange a bag of doughnut(un opened) w/bug induced holes in them. The employee Jessica helped us, I chose to get a new bag of doughnuts my husband chose to recieve the $back for the Coke. As soon as I barely walked away: Jessica stated to my husband( I wouldn't want u to get yelled at,he commented: isn't that our job as males to be yelled @ by females. I returned and stated to her "I don't yell @my husband. Her responce: yeah maybe not here. I restated: I don't yell @my husband: Jessica's responce: That's not what he said. I would like this female repromanded, fired, given a class on how to treat customers,& made to apologize to me(sincerely). I have no idea what her motives were but my 28 years in customer service I would never consider speaking to a customer in this manner No matter how I felt personally. My name Lindsay Diaz # 972-801-8196 e-mail Please contact me ASAP!!!!! I will not let this matter b dropped. I will contact all news stations. I will do everything nesasary!!!!! PS this will not b dropped!!!!


Lindsay Diaz

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So your husband was joking around in a friendly manner with the cashier and you got jealous so you decided to blow the whole thing way or of proportion? I think it's a bit much to ask for this cashier to get fired, and if you really have as much customer service experience as you claim you would know that employees generally don't get fired over one random complaint.

I think what you were really mad about was your husband being too friendly with another woman but instead of facing that fact you are taking it out on the variety. By the way, who returns coke and donuts?


Oh man, this is too hillbilly to pass up!

First off - who in their right minds returns a 12 pack of coke for a refund? Even better than that though - you swapped out some "bug holed" donuts for more donuts?!?!?!


Listen, you pasted all of your personal info on the web; that isn't very wise.

Finally, leave the poor girl alone who was being friendly with your husband. From reading your post it's pretty evident you're a first class *** with a donut laden derriere and a bad give the girl, and your poor husband, a break.


Honey, this isn't the web site for Dollar General. You are on a general complaint site.

IF, as you say you have been in customer service for 28 years you would be smart enough to know that. Also you know that there isn't a word spelled "ur." Why on earth did you and your husband do separate returns. That doesn't make any sense. Furthermore, I think you flew off the handle over nothing.

I would have taken it as a joking conversation between your husband and the cashier. I take it your husband is a grown man. What was your reason for returning the 12 pack of Coke, did you run out of money? You should also have spelled out dollars, the symbol "@" isn't used in sentences, the word "response" is spelled wrong, as is the word reprimanded, and you imply that you are smart enough to be a perfect customer service representative.

There also isn't a word spelled "b." If you go to the news stations I would love to be a mouse in the corner to hear their private conversations about your asinine complaint. I hope being you saw fit to put your phone number on a public site, that you get all kinds of weird phone calls.

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