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I went in the store to purchase some items. I get to the cashier and she started ringing the items up.

Line was very long. I asked the cashier Collen if the price was 1.25 she was irritated so I went back to the table and instead of 1.25 it said 2.50 and she tells me I was wrong started raising her voice and I asked her why was she yelling and she said again I was wrong. So, that made me mad so I started talking to her like she was talking to me. So another cashier comes to the front and tell her to go the back and she say no.So, I say you need to learn customer service skills and the cashier said whats going on and she said I proved her wrong and then she made it into a racial thing and said I'm another one that comes in this store.

So, now I'm livid and I told I never been in the store before and because I'm black we all look a like and she goes on about proving me wrong. The cashier rings me out and tell me to re-swipe my card and she still talking about now she don't have money. Which was an ignorant statement then the second cashier says stop the both of you and I tell her I don't work for you. You work with Collen you are not my boss you speak to your employee.

I'm angry and disgraced by this employees at this store.

Also, embarrassed that it was so many people in the line who witnessed one of your employees come out of character on a 3892 Scottsville Rd. Scottsville, NY 14546 Store #09742

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