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On 9-8-2015 my wife and I visited the store in Davis OKlahoma ( not sure of the store number ) to pick up a few small things. As we entered the store we noticed the check out clerk setting down checking people out.

We thought possibly it was someone in a wheel chair working. When we began to check out the lady named Megan in her 20's was setting in a chair with wheels. She never greeted us with a hello or good afternoon or when we left did she say thank you.

I'm sure there are people that would love to have that job. The management should be held accountable for this employee and her unprofessional attuided.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you actually ask her why she was sitting down? Maybe she had hurt her back or twisted an ankle.

Does the fact that she apearred to be in her 20's preclude her from being injured?

Why would anyone want to thank you for shopping at a store where the only entity turning a profit is a faceless, greedy corporation run by sterotypical American "Fat Cats"? I'm sure she's thrilled to work there making minmum wage and having limited hours. The only advancement she might see is store management for a whopping 50 cent/hr wage increase and 50-60 hour salary weeks.

Yes, that's such a great job that there should be lines of people waiting to have it. They should all be greatful, the lazy bums.

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