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At the store on Hertel in Buffalo, NY. I was waiting in line and there were 3 people in front of me and 3 behind me.

The cashier points to the other register and so I thought it was opening up and was 1st in line. Well the cashier ended up going on break even with alll those people in line. Finally the manager comes up to the register already mad and the lady behind me starts saying I have no manners and the manager tells me I was wrong and joining in with the lady behind me at insulting me. I only had one item so it's not like I was taking long?

It was the employee who walked a ways fault!!! I and no one I know will ever go in your stores again. It will just be Family Dollar and nothing else. And Ialready posted on Facebook where I have over 1000 friends, some actresses, actors, and sports stars!

You probably don't care but I'm going to start a boycott of your stors unless that manager and cashier are fired!!! It happened today af around 2:30 on October 17 th 2015.

Thank you for your time.

Charles Palumbo Jr

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You were inconsiderate. You were in the middle of the line and bragging about all your superstar "friends" (who don't even know you exist) won't help with your tantrum. Boycott away, no one will be fired, you were wrong, and DG won't miss you one bit.

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