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I walked into your davenport fl store to buy bread and a pk of cigarrets. Im 51 years old was asked for my Id.

I will not be shoping at your store ever. I was a costumer since the store opened and was never asked once for my Id when buying a tobacco product. Yes i held up the line to get my id from the car. I said I was never asked before and your cashier called me a lier in front of a bunch of people who were also mad that a person of my age had to get my id from the car.

if you cant trust your cashiers fire them or dont sell products that require an id. As for calling me a lier she need training on how to respect people. Never never never again will I shop there thats how pissed I am. family dollar is right across from you and cheeper.

Good luck making a buck from me ever again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What's the deal with everyone leaving their ID in the car? You don't keep it with your money/debit cards? I find this totally bizarre.


"lier" "cheeper" lmao


I agree she shouldn't have called you a liar, that was disrespectful and pitiful customer service.

However, since it seems she has never had the pleasure of checking you out at the store before, she would not have any idea what your age is.

Also, she is within her right under FL law to ask for ID, no matter what your age is. Most cashier systems require a birthdate input to continue the transaction and she did her job according to the law. If you want to get angry about being carded, get angry with the state, not her.

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