I live by the Dollar General store on Center Dr in Kokomo, Indiana! The place is always dirty and change of employees all the time!

Wonder why??? They don't take care of it at all!! And the out side where the employees smoke it filled with CIG butts everywhere and it stinks!! Place us so dirty inside and outside!

Must not have a manger or a good manger cause you would think the place would look nicer!! Box's everywhere !! They don't care about the place!!

Clean it up or I'll do business somewhere else!!! They do slot of business there but people do talk!!

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We just went there yesterday (10/26/18) and all the customer's cars were leaving. When we got out of the car and started walking to the entrance, a man came around the building and told us that they were closed.

Then we saw a handwritten sign on the door, saying "Closed." I've been asking friends an searching on the web, but no explanation as to why.

With the store in Marion (about 45 minutes from here) for mice/rats and dirt, we were wondering if the Center Rd store was closed for the same reason. You're right, the store isn't too clean, what really bothers me is that the apparently don't have a warehouse, as they have most of the aisle blocked with new freight in cardboard boxes.

Coal City, Indiana, United States #899247

You'd better get ready to do your business elsewhere then. Almost every DG store is like that.

I worked in a store that was only about 2 months or so old for awhile and the entire front area was always cluttered with boxes, totes, and misc items. The first DG I worked at was flat out disgusting. The tiles were all stained from years of neglect, permanent grime on the floor, it was cluttered everywhere, and don't even get me started on the 'bathroom' if you can even call it that. I'd rather use a hole in the floor.

DG does not have a good standard for cleanliness and believe it or not, that is the fault of the company. They want their shelves stocked a certain way and within a certain time. The process is insane. The demands they make rarely can be met by the employees which is why the stores look like a wreck usually.

Even after cleaning the first store I worked at it looked like ***.

As far as the outside of the store smelling like smoke, people smoke. You can't blame the employees alone because it's not just them. The odor of smoke does not just fall away after an area has been populated with smokers for a long time. That's just a shallow complaint to have-get over it.

There are many places just like that.

Now that said the cigarette butts are unacceptable and that needs to be cleaned up. It's disgusting when smokers drop their butts on the ground and expect everyone to just walk around them. Every DG I've worked at requires a cleaning of the parking lot to get things like that cleaned up.

I'd just ditch DG if I were you because it sounds like you're dealing with the typical store. They don't change!

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