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On facebook your company is advertising a 60 gift card if you do all these steps. After doing them and waiting 30 minutes it says that I didn'the share the offer with 15 of my friends on Facebook so I again went through the process of answering the questions, sharing it to my page and then sending it to every person on my friends list, this taking even longer than 30 minutes for it to say the same message.

I do do most of my shopping at Doller General because it is close to my house. This is false advertisment and took up alot of my time, something needs to be done about this. My address is 920 Washington Street Davenport iowa 52804.

I believe that because of this false advertisement I deserve the gift card and the time I wasted doing exactly what it said to do. These pictures show I waited and waited and shared it to my fb page.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Lol you got scammed!! Nothings free .

Clarkson, Kentucky, United States #1245846

It's a scam and you are *** for thinking that DG would give away $60 gift cards.

Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States #1236625

Are you an ***? Dollar general is NOT running that promotion, here's how I KNOW after looking at the screenshots you provided for all of 1 second each.

1.) The first thing that should've had your alarm bells ringing is the website name is "", not ""?

2.) The "Dollar General Advertisement" you saw was shared by a random user, who also fell for the 3 step method.

Let me guess, after sharing you were asked to complete a survey to prove you were human and not a spam bot? Or maybe you had to complete a survey to verify your identity?

3.) You were not just asked to share the scam, you were asked to personally invite 15 of your friends(aka send them all a notification that says "Alexis Rodgers sent you an invite to Win a free $60 dollar general gift card on!" in hopes that they too will fall for the scam.

4.) I invented and perfected the "3 step method" on Facebook (that's what it's referred too for incentivized viral marketing), and made hundreds of thousands of dollars back in 2008 promoting free gift cards, free iphones, see who views your facebook, get the facebook dislike button, and "viral" video's such as "99% of people cannot watch this video for 3 seconds without (put verb such as crying,laughing,yelling,vomitting,ect. here)".

I can't believe people are STILL doing this type of stuff on Facebook, I considered it completely dead in 2012 as Facebook really stepped up security and got rid of the automated methods of automatically inviting all your friends to a page, or automtically sharing a link, or automatically inviting all your friends to an event that had a link to a facebook page on it, and then they made it hard to keep spam applications up for more then 50 users.

These spam applications gave me an admin panel where I could schedule a spam post to be posted to all application users every 1 hour, or make all of them like a page, or whatever I wanted, the application gave complete access to the users accounts. Can you imagine the money made being able to spam scams like this to a network of 1 million accounts, over 500,000,000 million friends combined and this was back when the news feed was in chronological order, not the "top stories" like it is now. Word of advice: If someone is posting it on Facebook, and not the ACTUAL Facebook Page for the company, do NOT click on it. If the website is not the ACTUAL COMPANIES WEBSITE, close out of it IMMEDIATELY.

Computers don't get infected with viruses and spyware, the user GETS the computer infected by being irresponsible when downloading or clicking links to malicious sites on Social Media, Email, etc.

Also, by not updating Adobe Flash, FireFox, Chrome, etc to the latest versions, or they use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. IE users can have a program downloaded, installed, and ran on their system just by viewing a webpage with a malicious advertisement (called malvertising) regardless if it is the newest version of Internet Explorer or not.

Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States #1236597

Anytime you see something like this on fb its always a scam so that scammers can get info on you don't be so gullible dollar general wont pay their employees enough to stay so why do you think they'd give away gift cards smh

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1236044

Don't fill out anymore surveys. These things are scams.

They entice you by offering you gift cards or money and when you enter the site your computer is affected with malware and viruses.

Dollar General has stated they have nothing to do with this. These people entice you with coupons, gift cards ect from various companies not just dollar general and try to attack your computer.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1236043

After googling this topic this is what I found. So you may want to do a virus check

I was sent a post to get a $60 gift card for answering some questions and sending it to 15 friends on face book.

Well I completed the whole thing 2x, but it never let me finish and find out where I get the coupon or voucher.

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Lisa Shaw Lisa Shaw It is a scam. It is not Dollar General doing it.

They have posted about it. And by doing the "survey", you now have malware on your computer.

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