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This happened at the Dollar General in Brookland Arkansas on Sunday 3/12/17. My fiancé and I arrived at Dollar General on Sunday night at 9:50pm.

The door was locked. The sign clearly said they closed at 10pm. I knocked on the door, and the employee walked over enough to see who it was and turned the other direction going back toward the office. Not only that, but while we was knocking on the door I called the store phone and it was never answered by the employee.

While I was there trying to get her to open the door, three other customers was trying to visit the store. This all occurred between 9:50 PM and 9:55 PM. Just a five minute range. Most important all BEFORE 10pm.

This is very unprofessional and uncalled for.

When there is signs stating the days and open hours, that needs to be followed. I have been going there for years, and I am very very disappointed about this matter regarding the employee and how she literally closed the store!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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so you're one of those douches that decide to come in 5-10 mins before closing?


Their clocks run off a satellite so if their register says it's 10 then they can close they don't go by what time a *** and rude customer tells them.


After closing time, you are considered a security risk. Get there earlier, and get a man with a pair to tell you that you were wrong for doing that.

Indian Wells, California, United States #1302835

It never occurs to you ppl that they are told to close early by Thier superiors? We all get it,YOU took the time and energy to drive there and YOU demand they be open per thier posted hours.

But the problem is they can close at anytime. It's a business and not under any real obligation to honor those posted hours if instructed to by their bosses. So if their district or regional manager tells them to close 10 mins early then that is what they must do. Normally they will be told to do this for the safety of the employees.

While YOU are inconvenienced THEY are terrified of being robbed. If you haven't realized it yet but a lot of robberies end up with DEAD employees!! So I'm sure you can forgive them for not wanting to die because you needed a gallon of milk. It always goes one of two ways.

You say you only need 1 or 2 items you actually fill your cart taking your sweet time. Making the employees have to stay open late,potentially costing them write ups to terminations for breaking their labor. Or you do run in and grab the couple of items but because they are helping you five more people show up and cause them to once again face corrective actions. And in the mean time someone slips in and sets them up to be robbed.

You can be sure they want to help you but can't and it's nothing against you personally. Self entitlement is scary sometimes as it blinds your common sense. It's the ME issue. Because YOU are inconvenienced THEY are rude and mean and lazy ect.

But that is selfishness at its highest form. That YOU are some how more important then anyone else and no matter what the world had best bend to your desires. If this was your job you would have no choice but to do as you are told and someone just like you would think the exact same way you are.

Maybe try and think about others as a human just like you. Just because they are there to serve doesn't make them faceless servants

Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1302675

While I agree that they should close at the appropriate time, customers who come in 5 or10 minutes before closing generally tend to make employees stay later than they should. I've had people come to the door at 2 minutes till closing and needs "just one thing"...

ends up staying for 30 minutes.

Stores are generally open for 14 hours a day. 3 or 4 customers coming to the doors at 5 minutes till closing is a little absurd.


If a customer comes in 10 minutes a store is closed, you know as an employee that customer is going to keep you late. So how about you showing some consideration for what you decide to show up?

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