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Store #08936 Warsaw, Nc is the most nastiest cluttered waste of space that I've ever shopped in. The manager is rude. All other workers congregate around the register and gossip and talk about the stores business including how much they hate the manager or how tired they or what all they ain't going to do and how the money is always short...All this discussion going on All while having long lines of customers waiting all down the aisle to pay for their items. BTW, the Pepsi box by the register has a piece of metal sticking out that can seriously cut someone if not careful.

You have buggies full of items blocking the restroom and even worse tall things on wheels with items that appear to need be stocked on the shelf ALL over the store. Clutter clutter and more clutter. It is hazard!! The toy aisle, really. No one EVER cleans that aisle. But I will say that there are 2-3 individuals in that I noticed are always working. A lady with heavy makeup( I don't know her name) a young black girl I saw her name tag (SUNITA) she is very nice and never complains like all the other females. I've been in line a few times and it looked like she was there by herself but she handled it. Because no one came up to open the other register.

And a man, he stays busy. But they are the only 3. I haven't seen the young black girl, hope she hasn't quit, but she has good social and can point you exactly to any item in the store. She is an asset she should be a manager and I always look forward to seeing her friendly face.

I'm a local and visit the store often on my way home, its the last store heading out of Warsaw so its convenient but just not a great atmosphere for hazard free shopping. The aisles are terrible and again some of your employees and manager are not people persons and not a good fit for working in a public setting, via your store.

And please stop selling the tube sausage its rotten, every time I buy it, I just tired of even returning it. Cakes are stale. Many items are damaged on the shelf. Most days the floor looks like mud. But the talk is either you're getting a new manager or simply going out of business. Either way, I'm seen many workers come and go... Makes you wonder who or what is real problem.

Well anyway, stand at register long enough and those cashiers mouths will flap and tell All the stores business. They should really stop that because they only endanger themselves, cause they never who is listening and ready to help find the money that seems to always be the topic of discussion. Not a good look DG y'all need to stop hiring people that tell all. But again, I've only seen 3 people that work,guess that is the entire problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229459

You do know that referring to black adults as boys or girls is racist don't you? How dumb are you to continue buying rotten sausage?

I mean buy it once or twice, that is fine, but you must be really dumb to keep buying it after finding it rotten. Why not shop elsewhere if it is that bad?

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