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I just reentry started shoping at dg a lot and using coupons i am loyal 2 krogers untill now i have tried 2 use differant coupons at diffedant store that didnt work that should have and i was new 2 this so just let it go with the understanding that the dg employess and managers was not edgucared on the coupon system is what i get told by employess and managers at differant stores. So last sat i went 2 the store 2 get the 5$ off next purchase when i bought the the pg items i did 2 seperate transactions on the second 1 i gave them the 5$ off that did not come off i asked the very young boy runnimg the redgister he said all your coupons came off and clearly they didnt i spent like 10 and with coupons it was still 8$ so where was the 5$ off ???

I wasnt going 2 say anything there was a line in tbe store but after going 2 a differant dg store last night and the lady running the redgister had no clue about the clearance & 50% off itmes tried 2 tell me that the itmes was no redused and 50% like the sign said i own my own sucessfull buisness and i really hope that my employess a not so uncaring and rude as some of the dg employees r ! Im really enjoyed some of my shoping at dg but im feeling discuraged i wondering if maybe i should stick with kroger they have the same policies at every store and never just say they dont know or havnt been tought .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are a fine one to complain about Dollar General employees being uneducated about the coupon system or anything else, or not "edgucared" as you put it. Your poor capitalization, punctuation, and spelling skills indicate that you arent' very well educated.

First of all any person that is old enough to have a job is not a "very young boy." Also this young man was not "runnimg" the register. He was more than likley "running" it. That indicates a really rude attitude on your part, along with a lack of knowledge. Now for all of your errors, it should be "Dollar General or at the very least DG, as all abbreviations should be capitalized." It should be "Krogers, not krogers." What do you mean when you used the word "reentry" where you used it?

There isn't any such word spelled "2," that is a number. "I" should be capitalized, "differant" should be "different." There isn't any word spelled "diffedant." There should be an apostrophe between the "n" and the "t" in "didn't." There also isn't any word spelled "redgister." It should be "register." "Itmes" should be "items." There isn't a world spelled"redused," it should be "reduced." Also there isn't a word spelled "buisness." I really doubt that you own your own successful business and I also doubt that you have any employees. I don't know what kind of successful business you could run with your lack of education. There isn't a word spelled "r." Your exclamation point should be next to the "r" not the word "I'm." "Shopping should have two "ps" in it instead of one.

There isn't a word spelled "tought," it should be "taught." Your grammar also isn't real great. You should go back to school and get an education instead of worrying about other people's lack of education.

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