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To whom It May Concern, I was just like to start off by saying that I went to one of your Dollar General stores on 10/10/2014 and was very disappointed in the service I received. Yesterday was the last day for me to get the 2.00 dollars off if I spend 2.01 or more, I tried to use my digital coupons and when I got to the counter the machine did not work and my phone died.

Thanks to a stranger she said that I could use her phone so when I finally pulled up the coupon and one your employees s tated that it had to have a bar code. which I have never seen before. So not did I only hold up the line but I ended up leaving with nothing and not able to use my 2.00 coupon. This is fairly a new store your equipment should be working.

This is bad business and you are going to lose a lot of your customers.So this morning on 10/16/2014 I was checking my email and received a email from Sherry Custer.

Obviously she does not know a complaint when she sees one she send me email sbout signing up ,what a smart employee.I will take my business else where. Thanks for nothing

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

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Yeah, it's completely the fault of Dollar General that your phone wasn't charged and died. What a smart customer. On behalf of Dollar General (whom I do not work for), you're welcome for nothing.


You sound like you are six years old. Come on now, like DG employee said digital coupons are a good thing.

You are not that smart not knowing this. You are the "smart" one not knowing how they work. The first two paragraphs should be the same paragraph.

You make fun of someone else's intelligence when you don't know simple things taught in the third grade, then again from your behavior you must be six years old. No wonder you don't know paragraphing rules, you are only in the first grade and won't be taught that for another two years.


I am sorry for your experience, and customer satisfaction is always Dollar General's top priority. However, digital coupons are a fairly new thing for DG employees.

Many of them are not familiar with how everything works because very few people use them. With that said, in order for you to be able to use a digital coupon, you must enter your phone number into the debit machine BEFORE the cashier hits the total button. If they have already hit the total button, they have to hit clear a few times, let you enter your number, then hit total to activate the coupons. You CANNOT pull up the coupons on your phone.

It does the cashier no good because they have to have a barcode to scan or a promo code to enter. Digital coupons can only be used through the use of your phone number being entered into the pin pad.


Digital coupons dont work. Store employess are ignorant on what to do. Fed up in Tavares, fl

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