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When my husband was shopping at the Dollar General for just a bag of candycorn and a can of redskin peanuts. Was charge to much and my husband show them the label.

There excuse was kids would come in and change the labels. Then my husband over heard the manager said that my husband could have change the label. It is not good to go in a store and be accuse of changing labels. The management in that store is very bad.

They need to change the manager or close the store. This is not the first time I have heard this in this store.

Store is loosen business and they just lost mind. I will shop at Family Dollar for now on

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That is unfortunately typical DG staff behavior.

When *** hits the fan, DG does not want to take any responsibility as a corporation so they inform an employee that it's their fault, or pass the blame right onto the consumers. You will more than likely be accused of theft at DG, especially if you're an employee.

I am a former employee and I can say the excuse they gave you was absolutely ridiculous.

People do not change labels while shopping.

All items are labeled with a SKU number etc, which makes that impossible.

Furthermore, most item prices are on shelving strips so they can't just be removed. Sounds like the company's typical lazy antics.

The only thing I've seen people do to scam DG with 'price adjustments' is take a tube of toothpaste that is large and put it in with the smaller sized toothpastes that are the same brand etc then demand that they not be charged for the larger size.

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