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I've been a long time customer of dollar general in Mermantau Louisiana I've loved going there until recently love the cashiers all are very nice Crystal Premo Rhonda Nunn Charlotte Keys Regina Istre I even like the little guy manger Taylor Landry but as far as the manger Rosa Doucet she is a *** an should be fired from there she had real attitude whenever it comes down to customers she only looks out for people she knows she's been rude to me an my children on several visits it's to the point where if I see her car there I don't go in an my kids don't either an several other people have complained to me how much of a mess that store is we use to enjoy shopping over there until the past few months every time one of the cashiers need her they never can find her if she was any time of manger she would be available better than she is plus I shouldn't have to move big things around to get to the items I won't she is no kind of boss I really hate going into that store I think I will be taking my business to Jennings. Thank you

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