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On January 25,2015, my 12 year old autistic son was accused of stealing a red bracelet at the dollar general on MLK in new bern,Nc. I searched his pockets in front of cashier but she stated a cashier had seen him walk out the store with bracelet.

We walk in and I tell my son to show her where he laid the bracelet, it was by door on window sill. I did jot receive an apology from cashier. When I called to request to speak with manager g he cashier got on the phone and I explained the incident,thinking I was talking to manager, she identified herself as the cashier and transferred me to assistant manager. The assistant manager apologized and said she would review the tapes.

My complaint is the unprofessional behavior exhibited by cashier. She assumed my son walked out with bracelet and was prepared to stand me down over it and then when I called requesting manager she got on the phone. She owed my son and myself an apology.

She had a chance when she was on phone with me but instead pushed it off on asst. Manager, very unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow. Best I can tell, you're expecting others to raise your child.

12 is old enough to know that carrying around an item you don't want to buy isn't right. Autistic or not. Get real.

lady you're a nut. Instead of whining and demanding an apology, use this experience to teach your son how to behave in a store.

to Anonymous #987153

Your comments are worthless.


You did say you wanted to speak to the manager. Your 12 year old autistic son is old enough to be taught that if he picks something up to look at it, unless he is going to buy it, he should put it back where he picked it up, instead of walking up by the door and then placing it on a window sill by the door.

If the employee didn't see him place it by the door, she had every right to assume he had walked out the door with it. Instead of worrying about getting an apology, start teaching your son how to behave in stores. I know it can be done.

I have 26 year old grandson who is autistic. Quit making excuses for him and start teaching him.

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