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While at the location on Rt 37 in marion. There was a lady yelling at people to stay out of isles she just mopped ( 3 hours before closing time) and would not let us shop those isles and more.

She was talking on her cellphone complaining about how she had to straighten. Clean and mop. And said that she was only going to do one ( all this while a line of customers were waiting to be helped) but she was too concered with her cell phone conversation and scaring people out of the store. She never wears a name tag and is always scolding the cashiers while there is a line and so while the cashier is distracted we are alleft tbere toisten to her humiliate and or belittle the cashier.

And again while on her cellphone. Today i heard her ask the cashier " what is this money doing here" the cashier said someone had dropped it. She told the cashier when you find money. You put it in tbe charity box here that they keep on the counter.

This lady needs a lesson in manors and laws. Everything she does is with an attitude. We will no longer shop at your store. Because it seems like nothing will change.

I dont go to the store to get yelled at or listen to other employees get yelled at. If she wore a nametag i would glady tell you her name. But have never seen ber in uniform like the others. Just a t-shirt.

But im sure if you went in there in plain close to observe you would quickly know who i am speaking about.

Just PLAIN RUDE! Goodbye dollar general i would rather go down the street and pay more at the caseys convince store than have to worry about someone like her being there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #959527

You need to grow up and leave people alone when they are doing their job. Perhaps someone spilled something.

You would complain if this was the case as well.

If the cashier was supposed to put lost money for charity she is politely telling her to do so. Most companies do that.


For a "know it all" you sure are a horrible speller, and also have poor punctuation skills. Also you aren't smart enough to know that this isn't the web site for Dollar General.

You are on a general complaint site. Did it occur to you that maybe she doesn't have a name tag or uniform because she could be working for an independent cleaning company or even a janitor for the store? What kind of "manors" does this employee need lessons in? Do you know what a manor is?

If not, in England it is a term used to describe the main house on an estate?

What law was she breaking?

to anonymous Texas, United States #959516

You are probably the rude lady at the store. If not you could be.

You have terrible manners. By the way, writing a comment with correct spelling and punctuation does not make you smart. You are average, if...

You are however rude. Dollar General has garbage customer service, if someone wants to vent let them.

to Joe Orange, California, United States #959529

Okay now we know for sure you are seven years old. How do we know because you ASSume that because someone tells you that you are in the wrong they are the person you are complaining about or they work for the company.

Also like the other person said your spelling is horrible. Writing a review with correct spelling and punctuation does not make you smart, but writing a comment with terrible spelling and punctuation makes you look uneducated as well your ASSuming that because someone does not kiss your a$$ and tell you that you are correct.

Both make you look uneducated. Lastly telling someone they are wrong and disagreeing with them does not make them rude.

to KevinRichards #972377

I think you guys are hilarious, You are all thinking the others that responded as "anonymous" was in fact me the actual person that wrote this complaint , you talk about my spelling and punctuation, not that it matters but sitting in my car writing this on a smartphone and being angry, do you think I was worried about punctuation? No and do not really care now, and no, nothing was spilled, over 5 isles, she was just trying to get ahead of her job, that's fine and dandy, but when paying customers go to a store and there were no signs saying "wet floor" and get told to "get out of those isles I just moped there" .

This is a complaint site that in hopes of others INCLUDING the company may see, it does no good if everyone else does not see how awe full the customer service is.

I guess my favorite part of the comments are people *** about my complaint, and its spelling, go back to your usuall trolling of message boards and continue to monitor grammar.

First Born Triplet
to Joe Ontario, Canada #959531

Yeah of course anonymous is the rude lady at the store. She followed you home and knew you would complain about her.

Seriously how is this lady from Dollar General supposed to know you wrote a complaint about her?

Do you really believe that she just at random found a complaint about herself and posted a comment to tell you off.

to First Born Triplet London, England, United Kingdom #959768

Hey perhaps the employee has esp or something?

First Born Triplet
to anonymous Ontario, Canada #959530

Actually they also use the term in USA and Canada. For example in the Simpsons Mr. Burn's estate is called Burn's Manor.

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