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I love the idea of dollar general & the connivence it provides. I am new to Moore Oklahoma so to know that there will be one across the street was great to have.

(City & 12th) Except the fact that the store is in complete ruins & everyone there is complete ***! They are rude & make it very clear they hate their job! Today, I interupped a cashier in a personal phone call for some customer service. I mean she didn't hang up her call while she "helped" me she just rudely walked me to the item isle & pointed to the shelf.

Threw my change down on the counter & no thank you are anything. I mean I'm not asking for her to kiss my *** but would think she could be some what friendly. Well I defiantly will not go back into that train wreck of a store...

Sometimes you can't even walk thru the isles there is so much freight on the floors. This store really needs to get it together ASAP !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Also learn how to spell convenience before you go around calling other people names claiming they are not intelligent, learn how to spell telling before you go around calling people names claiming they are not intelligent. I wonder with your childish name calling and terrible spelling if you really are a grown woman if you say or just a six year old who is using mommy`s PC without permission.

Orange, California, United States #918756

You are a hypocrite, the only way you know that the cashier is on a personal call rather than a business call is if you were listening in on a conversation that does not concern you. This itself is rudeness.

If you cannot find an item on the shelf go shopping with mommy or daddy.

Having to deal with idiots like you, it is no wonder she never said thank you. I bet you did not thank her either for ringing you out which makes you even a bigger hypocrite.


Some people expect an awful lot from dollar stores. Can you prove the employee was on a personal phone call?

If not you shouldn't say it. All any employee has to do is serve the customer, I have never seen any law, any place that says employees have to be friendly.

You say you don't expect to be treated better, but actually you are saying that.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #918761

The only way she can prove the employee was on a personal phone call was if she was listening in on a conversation that does not involve her, this is rude behavior itself. If she was on a phone to a customer and was interrupted she is rude as well. Funny how this child is rude herself and calls other people rude.

to KevinRichards Moore, Oklahoma, United States #919099

Thank you Kevin for your *** comments, you sir are an ***, but no, I am a grown women and can usually find stuff on my own but when I ask the employee for help and she's on the phone with a PERSONAL PHONE CALL & I know this because she took it while I was in her face checking out. You fat no life loser know your facts before you get on the Internet talkin mess.

Rude listening to her conversation, lol I'm paying that girls wage while I'm in that store!!! It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

If you don't work for DG, why did you comment, o yea because this is probably the highlight of your weekend. Get a life loser.

to Anonymous #919217

With this comment it is obvious that you are six years old. You may be a grown woman but you still behave like you are six years old.

You were rude when you were not minding your own business. How do you even know my weight. Only a six year old would post comments about a person's weight without knowing them. Since you are lying about my weight and claiming that I work for Dollar General perhaps you are lying about your age as well and you really are six years old.

You are again being a hypocrite. You tell me to know my facts, well you go around saying I am fat and a dollar general employee without proof. Taking about making ASSumptions without backing them up with facts. It is spelled talking not talkin.

You have no right to call a grown woman a girl when you cannot even spell the word talking, I am sure that someone in the first grade knows how to spell talking. You may claim to be a woman ,but the fact that you lied about me and claimed I work in Dollar General, claimed I am fat without knowing me, the fact that you used the term fat low life loser, the fact that you cannot spell telling, the fact that you ASSume that I work for Dollar general because I called you out on your OWN rude behavior, the fact that you interrupted a call with someone else, the fact that you result to immature childish name calling, proves that you are six years old. Have mommy or daddy click on my profile and you will see that I tell many immature children like you off when they are in the wrong. If you knew how to read you would see my profile and see that I have posted negative coments towards Walmart, Target, Kmart, ect.

Do I work for all those companies. I must be very busy if I do.

Don`t lie to me, it is obvious that you are six years old. If not you are not acting your age and have a lot of growing up to do.

to anonymous Moore, Oklahoma, United States #919101

can you prove it wasn't?

to Anonymous #919218

Can you prove it was. Can you prove my weight.

Can you prove that I work for dollar general. You cannot so you are nothing but a liar. If you are lying about these things you are lying about your age as well most likely.

I like how you call adult women girls when you behave and spell like you are six years old. Trust me I am sure dollar general won`t miss you.

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