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I don't know if this complaint will go to the right people but I have had one bad experience after another at your stores located in Oswego and Minetto New York . In Minetto while shopping I've asked for assistance from a person named Matt who later told me he was the manager I needed help finding some items and instead of walking me to the product to help me get used to the lay out he rattled off aisles to me that the product would most likely be in instead of actually helping me. Mind you the store didn't look busy at all and he ended up after telling me which aisles he thought the items were in he went and stood at registers talking to another employee about how people are complaining about how he is sleeping with his employees. I don't know where you find these people but I don't know where to begin when talking about the lack of level of professionalism here. I also heard him say that he doesn't even need the job as he owns his own farm and it makes enough money so he doesn't have to work. No wonder he doesn't care about his customers. Not to mention he's outside every few minutes smoking when people like myself have asked for help. Which I personally can attest to he gossiped with a girl named Courtney while I struggled to find my items and then every few minutes would walk outside. I smoke too and I never got as many smoke breaks as he gets at any place I've ever worked. So because of the experiences I've had at Minetto I decided to try to just start going to the Oswego store. Well, very few times did I have a good experience. There's a overweight woman there with blonde hair and I appologize for calling her overweight as I am not skinny myself but from what I've learned she's the manager and I had asked her for help finding decorative boxes and she was in an aisle moving stuff around and she told me with an attitude mind you that there weren't any when I found some in the toy aisle moments later after a younger lady named Megan helped me find some and appologized for what had happened originally when I asked for help. Now that instance I could've over looked but the following ones I just couldn't I had a bad experience when asking a younger lady Brandy for help she reeked of pot and had blood shot eyes and told me which aisles she thought some of the items were in that I had trouble finding which took me double the time I had to shop which led to me walking out with less items than I came in for not to mention my arms were filled with product and not one employee offered to help me out as I kept dropping my items on the floor. Another time I was being helped in line by a younger man named Mike who would stop mid scan to answer the phone or to show a customer behind me where something was which was frustrating when it took me so long to find said items due to lack of help from employees and that cashier made it worse. He told me about his choice of music lamb of god and his herd of german shepards 13 If I recall correctly when I just wanted to leave at this point because between him and that Brandy girl it was just one bad experience after another. One time he misplaced my gift cards and luckily when I came back in and told that girl named Megan she was able to help me. This was around Christmas time as I was purchasing the gift cards as a gift. Another time I had been in the store when that young man Mike was there and he kept following me around the store asking if I needed any help but by then I knew where stuff was after lack of help in my previous experiences at the store but he kept going on about his dogs and his music and when he wasn't following me around I noticed him following the other employee on at the time around the floor as stock was being put away swearing saying fricken and *** me off and damnit. Pardon my language but all of these experiences have lead me to share them with everyone I know and encourage them to shop elsewhere because it feels like my patronage isn't appreciated or even wanted and I used to be a regular at both stores which is why I was familiar with some names. I got to the point where I'd call and see who was on because that one young man Dallas and lady named Megan were the only ones who I felt were helpful in finding things I had trouble with she would bring me to the items or ask someone when she wasn't sure of something even offered me a cart and basket before and even helped the elderly to their cars with their bags. That Dallas guy would direct me aisle wise when he was assisting other customers at the register which at the time I didn't mind because he was busy already helping someone. I've noticed that the people that are most helpful aren't working as much anymore or must have quit by what I'm assuming is due to the way they are treated because that's how I personally feel myself. You should be ashamed of yourself for not taking care of your customers or the employees who actually make the customers shopping experience worth while. I will tell everyone I know not to shop at such a place where there's all this unnecesary language, treatment, lack of professionalism, and incompentence. Something should be done about this drug tests reprimands or terminations I am completely disgusted.

Melanie Trumble

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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