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My name is Angie Hall and I visited the Dollar General store in Marlowe, AL ON 8/22/14 around 5:00 p.m. I purchased a little more than $50.00 worth of supplies.i wrote a check and it did not go through.

The cashier tried running the check through three times, then called up the manager. I assured the manager that the funds were there, over $3200.00. She proceeded to say evidently not, the check did not go through. I told her this was not so and she should have run the check again.

With a very ugly tone, she said "if the money is not there, the money is not there, looked at another customer, rolled her eyes as to dismiss me and turned away from me. I felt humiliated! The store was full; one of my former students were in the store. I discussed this event with several of my neighbors when I got home and they said they were discriminated in the same way.

Yes, I was DEFINITELY discriminated against. Not once did the manager suggest it could have been a malfunction in the machine/check reader. My bank can and will validate that this account had over 3000.00 in it during this transaction. Yes, I am a proud black woman who is held in high regards in the community.

I have been a teacher and now a principal, so I do care what people think of me. I am truly outraged by what happened to me this afternoon; no one should be treated like this even if funds were not there. However, there were funds in my account. I know the meaning of discrimination and I witnessed it towards me this afternoon.

I have never sued anyone in my life but my lawyer and the NAACP will be notified of this humiliating act against me tomorrow if action is not taken; this was not called for. Shame on Dollar Grneral for hiring ignorant people like this. Again, no one should be treated in such a manner. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in any business.

Time went backwards for the Dollar General Corporation today. My phone number is 251 370-4594, 251 989-7513 or 251 928-2573.

Thank you for addressing this matter. Respectfully, Angie Hall

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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Decatur, Georgia, United States #860265

I work for DG. I do not agree with how she handled it and rolled her eyes.

But as far as the check, We use telecheck systems to process your checks. If telecheck denies you, (we have no control over that, they have a mysterious "rating" system) then we cant take your check. I had a check denied at walmart one day when I knew I had XXXX amount of dollars in my account.This was my first dealing with telecheck. I myself am a minority.

Did I accuse walmart of racism? No. Was I pissed my sale was declined? yes.

but the young lady at walmart just runs the register. She does not decide wether a national chain uses telecheck or not.

So in short, yes the employee at that dg was rude. Is this racially motivated? no.

Judging by the fact you have $$ in the bank,have 3 different phone numbers,and a nice job, I would assume you have multiple debit/credit cards. Why not just whip one out and avoid the hasslle of the check? Because at the end of the day, It doesn't matter if you are white,black, or green, if telecheck says no, then DG isnt gunna take your check.

Also, at the bottom of every DG is a survey number you can call and voice your opinion. it goes through all the appropriate levels of management and you will get a call back if its negative feed back.

This forum is not even affiliated with dg. Leaving your name and number here will do nothing


I would be willing to bet it wasn't the store itself that declined your check. They probably have something like Telecheck or one of those companies that declined the check for them.

You will never convince me that you were discriminated against because of race as you imply. You should have asked them if they use something like Telecheck.

There are many different reasons why Telecheck and the other companies refuse a check. Get over the race card, that takes credibility away from your complaint.

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