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You cashiers need to shut the smart mouth comments up. It is not about you it is about dg and there obvious shady and probably illegal rules that apply to cigs and liq.

No where else does this , they do what they were tested and trained to do which is look at card and make sure......you people are entering information into a system about each and every person. If I bought cigs at a dg two states from where I live then it is know in a database that I was away from home. This is clearly violating people's privacy unlike a gas station that looks and gives it back.

You cashiers don't see it yet but you are helping to forge your very own restraints. And the government knows they can do it because no one cares.....they only care about there own problems, never understanding that it will be to late when all that has happened while they googleFaceTweet there days away and it hits them like a jail cell and a ride to concentration camp.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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It's much less nefarious than you think!

Hahaha! I just figured out why the cashiers put in a date in their computer.

Since they are too dumb to figure out who's over 40 they put the date in and the computer tells them if they are of legal age to buy. Not one cashier who has come on this site to defend this asinine policy will tell you that.


Now it all makes sense. Still won't shop there because of that policy.


We're putting a date in, ***. Not your life history. I swear I wonder how some people remember to breathe.


Wow!!! You are super paranoid!!!

The only thing that is happening with your I.D. over cigs and beer is that the cashier is verifying you are the person on the license and that the license is in date because it's not a valid I.D. unless the license is in date.

After that, the cashier has to enter your birth date so the computer will move forward in the sale. None of your personal info is being recorded.

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