I went to dollar general store 1937 in courtland va today, it was so hot that I did not want to shop. The air conditioning has been off for over a week!

The employees are going to get over heated doing any work in this. I was getting too hot just walking around shopping. Today is the truck day for them and I understand that they have to have things on the floor until they can get room in back, but with how many rolltainers and uboats that are on the floor you can not get around. As I said I know that some things have to be on the floor on truck day, but some of this has been on the floor for more then 2 weeks.

How do we get to what we want or need if you don't keep the place clean. To do what needs to be done you need to give the employees more hours to have people in the store. I went to family dollar today too and they had a very nice, clean, and cool store so I did more shopping at that store.

Why not listen to more of the customers or send in a mystery shopper more then 1 or2 times to see if the things you ask to get done do get done. I really don't think taking my time to write this is going to do any good because you see what you want to see not what is going on.

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