Hi, my name is greg ive been going tistore#12449.... its the worst store in my communty.

The personel could care less about helping the customer they r slow!!!!! & could care less if u r waited on!!! Ive been tryin to get help! Too no avail!!!

They continue ti not,! Have in stock! Ciggetts,,beer&dog food,,, so pissed!!!!!!!!!obviously this I the products I buy!!!!! Beer not stoked in cooler,etc...

pityful.....there been a hekp wanted sign for help.. for weesks.. juSt put out. AND BY THE WAY, IM 51 yrs old.

And demand an ID. Im a regular customer!!!!!!

-nooooo more!!!! All employees act like they could care less if they wait on :!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pasadena, Texas, United States #1029256

If I had that much trouble there I would shop somewhere else.Walmart has some inexpensive beer as does Food Town in Pasadena Tx


Huh??? All I could understand was the ID thing.

It is THEIR JOB to ask for ID.

Is it so dam* hard to pull your wallet out like its the hardest thing ever in the world? Christ.

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