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I walked in to the dollar general in Eustis, Florida (right off of 441) to get cotton balls and bug lights....i was wearing sweat pants and a tshirt. I wasn't sure which bug light I was supposed to get to help with the mosquitoes outside, so I was walking around different isles of the store to see all of my options....i finally decided to call someone on my cell phone to ask which kind, so I put my cotton balls back up and walked out to my car to get my phone...

Little did I know, this ridiculous employee decided to follow me out and start yelling at me asking me where I put the cotton balls.... Somehow, I remained calm and told her I put them back where I got them from because I was coming to get my phone since noone was willing to help me find what I needed.

its pretty ridiculous that I was harassed, more than likely because of the way I look, just for spending a few minutes looking for an item I had planned on buying!

if you dont fit the criteria of that store, whatever that might be, I would suggest going to another one, unless you want to be harassed and followed by an employee!

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noone would help you find what you were looking for? You never stated you even asked the employee.

From a retail stand point you are a customer who grabbed items, then walked back to your car totaly by passing the register and employee. Yea you did look suspect.....


go any where like that and you'll be flagged. its just common knowledge.

people who steal more likely dress that way. if they really yelled at you that's their wrong.

i would have asked it too. and they are within their rights.

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