My name is William Crow.I literally live out of store #13013,5023 Baseline Rd. in Littlerock Ar.

72209.I've been doing some almost five years now.Yesterday(11-03-2015),I went in to shop,& before I was even halfway through,I was approached by an employee asking me"what do you have in your pocket"?It was so embarrassing I almost left my buggy where it was and left.Is this gonna continue happening?And what about the humiliation I went through?

How is D.G gonna compensate for my humiliation?Please reply to my mobile# 501-840-0239.Remember,word of mouth is the best advertisement And I can walk just a few more blocks to Geyer Springs to shop. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Advertisement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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DG in PA is for the customer first when it comes to this topic. Because it seems all stores in all states have same upper management problem (read my review) they are a target for theft and those that do do shop but also steal.

Maybe the nasty thieves might consider that all stores have cameras and the Corporate office has live feed anytime they want it...

The employees need to use some grace in that store but to get your little 10.00 card its sad you have to complain about her doing her job. Work a day in their shoes and you will understand, but I hate thieves who make me pay more to cover the store loss.


its our job to ask suspicious activity. cashiers just dont randomly ask you.

lol sounds like your looking for a payout bc you were quote humiliated. fact is you didnt leave you" almost left shop somewere else ***

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