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I worked at Dollar General 2010-February of 2011 I was an Assistant Manager in training and everything seemed to be going well. The customer's said I was the change the store needed, It became cleaner and the theft rate was dropping. When I was hired in the store had no Manager ( no store manager or assistant managers, there was nothing ) It was getting close to being Christmas and I was setting up Christmas Stock when our District Manager stopped by and discussed having an employee party after work on the 24th. It was going to be a nice little gathering of friend's and family. I liked the idea and even volunteered to host.

After getting off work the 24th I headed home to set up for the party, where my Now Fiance was waiting. Everything seemed to go well but I noticed after returning to work thing's were incredibly different.

That Febuary our Loss prevention man showed up took me to the back to have discussion. We discussed how Good of a job I was doing how the store was turned around and then the whammy. He accused me of theft. He even handed me a list of the items I was accused of taking:

Soda, Baked goods, Electronics, Car supplies, tampons ( um srsly?) , Vagiseal ( again wtf) and even a douche

Okay I'm a *** male I'm not like the idiots from Chuck and Larry ( good movie)

I dont use tampons of vagiseal or a douche Seriously wtf.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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so you moved ? or did you flee the country?


That's the way Dollar General opperates if somebody good comes in and cleans up the store and does their job right you will get fired for sure.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #429560

Well I stole all the other items but the tampons.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #429558

One of my court orders is to either take this offline or admit to the theft. Since I cannot delete my review I admit that I was stealing the items which they claimed that I was stealing.

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