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Why? Because you do not post signs telling customers to babysit their cashier!!

I asked for 4 packs of Maverik Gold 100's. I said it twice! I was getting my card from my purse to pay so I wasn't babysitting the cashier. I look in my bag as I'm leaving to check my receipt is in it & notice he gave me Maverik Reds.

Told him you gave me the wrong smokes. Sorry he already paid. I can't do anything about it. But I don't WANT these, I DON'T smoke these!

It'll mess up inventory & we cannot make a return on Tabacco products. WTH!! There in my bag! I have not left the store!!!

This was in Chatham, IL. I was so mad! They sat the cigs by the register when I said I didn't want them. I bet they'd be back in inventory before I left the parking lot!!

WARN YOUR CUSTOMERS of your DUMB POLICY and send me my money or 4 packs of maverick Gold 100's!!!! I will not spend a penny in a Dollar G again if this is not made right and I will make it my 2nd career to exercise free speech letting everyone I meet, know or speak to what an *** hat policy youR store has! The employee made a mistake and I am the one who had to pay for it!!! F that!

If I had left the store, I could understand.

He Knew I had not even TOUCHED them!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Cashier gave me wrong cigs. I told him When I looked in my bag to make sure receipt was in there. I had not touched them or left the store! So because he can't hear, I have $25.90 in cigs I don't smoke! .

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1203425

These people don't know the difference between their right arm and their left arm and you expect him to know the difference in cigarettes? I would be surprised if he even knew how to read.

Since he was in the wrong I would make sure he corrected his mistakes and tell him where to shove the wrong cigarettes.

Sorry you should have checked at the time of purchase. Telling the difference between the gold brand and the red brand required reading and most people in retail have not graduated high school so what do you expect?

Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1201661

I used to work for DG and while the cashier was right, cigarettes cannot be returned, he could have easily fixed the situation. My boss always gave me a couple options at that point.

1)Just swap out the cigarettes since they are the same brand/price

2)Void the transaction and start over again.

I would call and complain.

HOWEVER, I understand that you are ticked off because of the situation, be professional, calm and courteous with the person you speak to. You will get a much better resolution that way

to Anonymous Mechanicsburg, Illinois, United States #1202836

Thank you for the information. I knew they could make it right, but we're just being jerks about it.

That is a lot of $ for something I didn't want. I was totally fine w/the guy not hearing, understanding or forgetting what I asked for, but since I had not left the store, or even touched them for that matter, I knew they could fix it. It won't help to call them now because I left the store with them & have had to smoke them because I spent the $ on them & wasn't spending more elsewhere to get more. They come to me and do something to help make it right, I would be nice about it.

If not, I will just not shop there again. I'm so burnt out dealing with horrible customer service.

Not just there, but that was a kick I didn't need.

to Anonymous Tomball, Texas, United States #1203396

Your boss was/is wrong for telling you to do that, It is against company policy to switch out, return, void cigarettes for any reason, according to company policy that is a fireable offense. I hope you dont continue to listen to your boss who could potentially get you fired you ***.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1203427

Another person in retail that did not graduate high school. I can understand if the mistake was the customer's fault.

However just like you this employee that dealt with poor anonymous is illiterate.

They make a mistake they should get fired if that is the policy. She should have told the employee where to shove the cigarettes when he refused to allow her to make the exchange for HIS mistake.

to Anonymous Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1203472

Hahahahahaha where in the employee handbook does it say you can't void cigarettes? What happens if the cashier accidentally scans it twice? Is the customer supposed to pay for it because it's supposedly company policy they can't void cigarettes?

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1204097

Ignore them most people these stores hire pay minimum wage due to the fact that these idiots have not graduated high school I am sure that person did not read the employe handbook because they do not know how to read. Just like the cashier the OP had to deal with.

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