Battlefield, Missouri

I worked here for 4 years in management and I had to quit because I was told to work off the clock every single day. And verbally abused along with every other associate almost everyday.

The highest turnover rate I have ever seen. Every good, hard-working employee quit because poor, unstable manager and at least seven letters and/or emails were written to upper management (while I was employed) to inform them of what was really going on. And ALL of them went unanswered. I had to leave finally because I could no longer take the abuse and verbal treats every day.

And now I was just informed through a cashier that I am banned from the store forever. I did NOT steal from this company and have worked off the clock (forced from the manager) for almost four years, and now I am banned???????? I was and am disrespected from them. And all I can say is lawsuit????

Never have I dealt with so much disrespect and childish behavior in my life. FYI to dollar general. And to understand why you have such a huge turnover rate. Look at your "store managers" and listen to your hard-working employees.

FYI to people seeking a job here. Don't work for store 9127.

It is not ok what they do to their employees or how they treat them. Worst employment experience ever.

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