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I'm 18 years old, I've been a Dollar General employee for about 4-5 month's and just quit due to unrealistic expectations from a District

Manager (Nate). In the Harford County, Maryland area (Aberdeen).

First 45 minutes of my shift i'm called back to talk to him during a inventory week about him seeing me on camera standing at the register for 3 minutes waiting on customers, i told him i was instructed not to pull stuff on the shelves forward the night before, cause of them taking inventory & didn't receive instructions on what to do when i clocked in... He proceeded to falsely accuse me about not circling surveys on the receipts, while in fact i have the most surveys completed in the store & most positive feedback.

Just very unprofessional the fact he doesn't consider its my first job and i'm 18 & how'd he think i'd stand for constant criticism for everything i did. The District Manager just seemed like a very narcissistic person that didn't take any of the employees that spend 35+ hours a week on there feet, with poor pay & no benefits and expect them to bend over for him.

Other than the district manager. I had a great time working with my co workers & wish them the best of luck. Reply

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Oh stfu anonymous dg sucks to work for worst job on planet are *** like faze banks


And with that attitude sweety you will continue to work part time jobs while living with mommy and daddy. Real life and real jobs come with a swallowing higher ups BS quota. If you think you were being criticized too much then you don’t understand what having a job meant.


Copy and paste job..... lmao

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