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I came into the store got my items went to the counter paid for my things my sister came to.the counter told the cashier Debbie that she was needing to exchange some cream debbie told her no because she should have told her once she came in the store that she needed to exchange it .But she was giving my sister a hard time so she said Neva mind just forget about it .so she tired to leave and Debbie told her no u can't leave because I don't no if it was in fact my sisters so she had to run the camera back to make a long story short its very irrating to be in a line everyday for 10 to 12 min evrytime you go in the store and the line always long and they never open the other register and the manger never busy just want some assist so I was upset about that the first time I came in then to come back and even thoe I called her a b...h I don't thin it was professional of her to scream at me your a b...h they never no we're things are or they run out of everything or people steal it the store is a mess things are all over the store they employees look bad hair not comb or neat clothing wrinkle they have there kids at work with them its just something need to be done to bring the store up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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If you want your complaint to be taken seriously, you really should learn how to spell, punctuate, capitalize, and use half way proper grammar.

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