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In checkout line the MAXIM magazine is being displayed in the WOMAN'S spot right at child's eye level! This is the second time I have noticed this.

The first time (in may 2012) I called them (the store in carey ohio #00183)to complain & I talked to the district manager who happened to be there that day. All he said was "what's the problem? Is the cover not tasteful?" I got corporate's number & called them. The woman I talked to seemed concerned.

Then I noticed the magazine moved. Well today june 26, 2012 I went in to get a card & it was in the same spot - the woman's day slot. I took a pic of it & went & found the manager on duty. Showed it to her - Ashley.

She said "well that's where we are told to put it." I said "in the woman's day spot eye level of children in the checkout line" & she said "yep". I'm calling coporate first thing in the morning!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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I do not care that they sell the magazine. I saw them at the Dollar General in GA.

The magizines were well read and book worn. So, alot of teens, men or whomever have been looking at them. My cencern is for the between teens.Maxim is pure filth. I will not be going into another Dollar General store again and to the men out there defending this magazine, there are plenty of other places to get Maxim, and the like.

At least, Publix has the decency to put a cover on any racy mag out there. It seems DG doesn't care about it's customers or it's morvals!


in the store's defense -- they are not allowed to deviate from directives - and some DM's do not listen to common sense -- but they could have given your concerns more recongition -- as a former DG manager I would pass things like these up -- however -- my last DM would have told me I was wasting her time...


Did you happen to see a *** while in the checkout line? No? Well - GET OVER IT!


Lady get a life, you should see whats at the checkout at the grocery stores, that much worse than what you are crying about. Womens day, teen, etc.All have worse than whats in Maxim.

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