Morenci, Michigan
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The store in Morenci Michigan is filthy! Product not straightened on shelves, not swept at night, and looks like it hasn't been mopped in weeks!

Outdated products on the shelf and very rude manager. You have to go outside to let the employees know you are ready to check out because they are all out smoking. I hate shopping here!

Carts are usually outside and they rarely say hello when you enter. I've left complaints at the store with management but all they say is yeah I know.

I've even called the customer relations survey and nothing gets done.

Are the district or regional managers even checking these stores or do they not care either? This store used to be call Morenci Mall but now it's become Morenci Joke.

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Being you hate shopping there quit. It is that simple.

Also there isn't any law saying an employee has to greet you when you enter a business.

That is just an idea that people have in their heads for some reason or another. It sounds almost like the customers think they are on a social outing instead of doing their shopping.

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