First of all the Norton Dollar General is a huge mess. You always have to move carts and stuff out of the way to get your items.

Stock is literally everywherebut on shelves. I counted 6 carts filled last time I was there. Secondly almost all of the employees were rude except a Julie or Jill and a stock boy. The manager (Asian woman) did nothing but talk or stand around on her phone.

A big heavy set girl with nasty greasy hair was so unpleasant at check out, doing nothing but complaining while (Julie or Jill) checked us out. Another thing that pissed me off was instead of the filty girl checking me out she ran all over the store looking for the other worker. The other girl was actually working...stocking items. Why couldn't she ring me up???

She wasn't doing a *** thing. Lastly the store was so *** hot I could hardly stand it. I'm sure for the filty girl and the manager it was fine since they weren't doing a thing. But for a customer and the one girl running all around stocking and the stock boy that has to be a terrible work place.

To me it appears they have a few good eemployees but terrible management.

I drive from Norton to Appalachia now to avoid this store. Something needs changed and quickly!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Orange, California, United States #910528

It is funny when people posting these complaints call adult women girls when they behave and spell like they are six years old.

Norton, Virginia, United States #910521

I only shopped at this store once. The rudeness and unprofessionalism from workers along with the mess and clutter made me not want to go back.


Your complaint lost credibility when you had to describe one employee by race and describe another one by size. Those items don't really have anything to do with your basic complaint.

First Born Triplet
to anonymous #910525

How else are they going to know who they are talking about. If the lady is Asian then they are going to describe her race, if the lady is heavy set they are going to state that so it is easy to point this out. Now if they used racial slurs to describe the lady or called the other lady a tub of lard I can see the reason for your response, but they are only describing the weight and race so they can identify the women.

to First Born Triplet Orange, California, United States #910529

Most of your points are retarded but this one is good. If she were to call the Asian lady a *** or paki then there would be an issue, but she is just stating the race.

I doubt the retard that replied to this would care if they mentioned the lady was white.

However if you mention any other race you are automatically racist. However the OP themselves is acting like a six year old child and has no right to call adult women girls.

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