I have been a customer of this store since it opened over 20yrs ago. This store was formerly Mundens and dollar general is still using the same register that was in Mundens-very outdated and unreliable.

Even the credit card machine doesn't work half the time! I live in the country and come into town about once a month when I stock-up and usually spend $200 -300 at this store. The employees know me-when I usually show up-how much I spend and that I pay with a check. This entire year this store has had new employees and mgmt every time I come in.

The manager in place acts like she owns the place and she's gonna do what SHE wants here.. Each time I come in I'm told my info will be in the computer and I won't have to present my ID-which is already printed on my checks........and people still insist to see my ID-even though its supposed to be in the computer! Gee-wonder how I'D theft is occuring!?! I go to walmart and no problem-I go to target--no problem-I go to united and -guess what?

NO PROBLEM!! Today my husband and I go to dollar store and the lady in front of me paid with a check and didn't get carded-then they ask me for drivers license and DOB and phone number-my husband is gone to take our things to the car-with my purse in the buggy-and they made him bring me my purse instead of letting me tell them my numbers-which are all memorized and match my info on my checks! Then the cashier didn't even put in my license number-just phone and DOB-and said its policy. Chances are these people won't even be here next time I go in-IF I ever decide to frequent this store again!

The store is a shambles-cold when its cold-leaky when it rains -hot when its hot-outdated equipment and computers-you name it!! This store needs to get ontrack and remember the customers are the ones who make the business-and these people who keep turning over on a regular basis are not there to make their mark or act like they own the place but to make the customers feel welcome in the establishment-and to have them come back. While she was polite she made it clear that this is HER store and HER policy!!! And to top it all off they wouldn't scan a coupon cuz"it may not apply"!!

The owner needs to get down here and see what we the customers are stuck with and how bad shape this store is in-and implement a training policy and new registers to accomodate us better-after all-this is not a walmart chain or a target chain-whose stores don't harass their customers by the way-and if they plan to become as big as these other stores then maybe dollar general in Snyder TX should step up into the 21st century-starting with a new computer system and decent background checks!! And then get that building repaired-if its even up to city code! And finally-maybe we can get the stuff on the shelves and out of the aisles and not having damaged products all over the store-I think I could probably better spend my money at a store that appreciates my business whether its $10 or $1000!

Think about it!! Facebook....twitter....Utube.....myspace.......cou be damaging to the reputations of all your other stores

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I work at Dollar General. I must share this info with you.

The good employees are so overworked and underpaid. They have to pull up the slack of the ones that don't wanna work. Some work open to close, which can be 14-16 hours with no break. They try to get merchandise out but have a hard time trying to do everything when they are the only one in the store.

The Store Managers are so overwhelmed they just walk out. One worker almost died because of the stress of this company. Before you bash the employees, know the situation. I have been in many stores and some stores run with just 3 employees.

Some do not have a store manager. Customers have complained there is nothing on the shelf, yet they don't know how hard it is to wait on them and try to get merchandise out. And I don't think Dollar General really cares about their employees. Please think of the employees.

Some, and I do mean some, work so hard with no appreciation.

I fall in that category. We are trying our best.

Cypress, Texas, United States #596226

Your info may be printed on the front of your check but your check is FACE DOWN in the printer right now and the register is asking for your info. You can just tell me the correct info.

In fact, anyone could give me your correct info because you have it printed on the front of your checks!

Hope you get the point.


Your upset because the cashier asks for your I.D. when you pay with a check?

WOW, really?? You mentioned identity theft, what about stolen checks? Im sure that if someone stole your checkbook you would want a cashier to check their I.D.

to see if the info matches what is printed on your check, not just call out the info by memory which anyone can do including a theif with your checkbook. Yes, I agree that alot of DG stores needs makeovers, I myself have been in several DGs & wonder why such a huge company has crappy looking stores

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