I was in the Austintown Plaza store in Ohio, on June 1, around 5 p.m. I was making a purchase but have a severe case of colitis.

I also am a past manager of dollar general and know the rules of the company. I made my purchase and asked if I could use the restroom, but was told I could go to Goodwill next door. I said when does DG not allow their customers to use the restroom. Pattie, the clerk, told me it is not public because it is in the back of the store.

Well, so was my stores, but no one was denied use of it.

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Danville, Virginia, United States #1241295

Danville, Va store refused for me to use the restroom during an emergency. They will, of course, no longer get my business.


Yep! I'm taking legal action because of the manager at dollar General after I made my purchase and my 3 year old daughter had an accident in her pants and he told me I couldn't use the bathroom.

And that I should go next door.

Mind you she's 3! I want to smash that little man!


I am guessing this may have been a directive by the DM -- maybe store shrink was high etc. Its possible it was a cleaning issue -- but I am guessing it was to prevent shoplifting etc. The DM is one district wanted us to escort the custoemr to bathroom and open it for them so that could not go in out of the bathoom....

and our bathroom were in front of store - visible from the main register.


She is right, I am an ex store manager for Dollar general and the restrooms that we had were in the back of the store and were OPEN to the public. The only reasonings I can see that she did not want the ublic to use them is because they have a tendency to sometimes mess up the restroom and they did not want to clean them.


You are a liar, if you really were a manager at Dollar General you would know for safety and security reasons they do not allow customers to use the restroom. Or maybe you are the only one who allowed people to use the restroom and that is why you were fired.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #1359024

Every store I have ever been in has allowed me and others to use the restroom.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #1363454

Nope...DG does have public restroom. Sad that the customers that use it abuse it.

*** all over the toilet, *** all over the seat, even though there is signs stating not to flush tampons, they do, and guess who is left to clean up the mess? But a manager decides she/or he wants to stop the abuse and the *** begins.


No there is not more to the story.Customers can not read their minds.As a store manager it is appropriate to communicate with your customers especially when there is a line and she did none of it.Have you ever been in retail? I did not yell and i was not rude, i simply asked a question,which would have been very patient when not given bad attitude.

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