I see everyone is feeling the same way I am about the Dollar General. They SUCK!!

They are a VERY bad company to work for. I know because I use to work for them. It was the worst 7 mouths of my life. I would try to be nice and help costumers and get fused for it who ever heard of that.

Well go like this page I found on Facebook called Dollar General sucks and write a comment.

Maybe by getting more likes and comments someone important will see this and fix the problems. Thanks and hope to get more likes!!

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The conover NC store sucks ***-mouthy employees on or off the clock-one loaf of bread 10mn wait- I put bread down & left-off duty employee said yeah the *** is gone-I never said anything-GO TO *** DOLLAR STORE *** & *** MANAGEMENT-

Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, United States #810899

I've always respected the people who work at my local Dollar General and feel bad that they have to multi-task like octopi, being stock clerks, cashiers, janitors, etc. all in one job.

However, the other day I experienced THE worst shopping experience of my entire life. The young female clerk checking me out started bantering back and forth with this hideous-looking little redneck kid who'd just jumped out of his noisy, idling pickup truck to get in line behind me and this is what they said to each other: "Yes you will," said the redneck kid (while she's supposed to be ringing up my order). "No I won't," she bantered back. "Yes you will," "No I wont." Oh yeah you will." Oh no I won't." "Uh huh, said the little greasy-faced kid (mechanic grease covered his face).

"Oooouh, nooo," she said and lunged forward at us with her mammoth redneck body. This went on and on, with customers backing up behind us. Then, when I got out to the car, I found a bottle of Echinacea in the cart that hadn't been rung up. So, being an honest customer, I went back inside and, when she was free, I asked her to her ring it up.

Her attitude was UNBELIEVABLE, as though I had intended to steal it. Not possible if I just brought it back inside with the register tape as proof that it wasn't rung up. Well, she put on some kind of ungodly, sick, twisted act, pretending that I was this THING WHO STOLE. I was so shocked, I was speechless.

She said, "I suppose you want another receipt." I replied, "Well, yeah, so people won't think I kifed this item." She handed me the receipt and when I started pushing the cart outside she said, "You little thief". UNBELIEVABLE, not even as joke. That can never be a joke. It can only be HOSTILITY.

I'm a 62-year-old retired man who is the primary caregiver for my wheel-chair-bound 83-year-old mother and THIS is what I get for shopping at our Dollar General instead of giving my money to Walmart? I don't think so. When I got home I was so shocked I had to run this dialog past my elderly mother who agreed that something had to be done about THIS KIND OF ABUSE. A 19-year-old (or thereabouts) who doesn't know me from Adam MAY NOT talk to me like that.

That's what I told the store manager when I called her.

Contacting the Dollar General Headquarters will be next. WHO IN THE *** DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE?

Richardson, Texas, United States #643273

NO!Everyone does not feel the same way as you do.What happen you got "FIRED"?What you are stating does not ring "TRUE".GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IS "REWARED", DIDN'T YOU KNOW THIS"?BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE get's "TERMINATED".Let's be "REAL HERE".Are you the person who posted the complaint about "EMPLOYEES standing outside "SMOKING"?What was you "SMOKING"That someone saw other than "CIGARETTES".

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #643094

These discount stores are infamous for selling knock off brands. Not a big deal if you are buying socks BUT not so good for food and health/beauty aids as a lot of those items are made in China where there is little regulatory oversight.

Remember the scare over Chinese made baby formula a few years ago that contained toxic chemical contaminants. Turned out the manufacturers were trying to save money by using a cheaper filler.


I worked for dollar General for 4 yrs and when I got hurt they let me go it is by far the worst company I ever worked for they are slave drivers they work they're store managers to death for what little pay they give and dont give enogh store hours to each store because they invest in putting a store w every 5 miles and support Nascar in stead of taking care of they're employees.I even red a email from one of the corporate employees saying if the employees dont like how things are done send the m packing! What kinda *** is that the employees is what is making your money!

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