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The store ran in Lumberton NC, is not ran professionally. The store does not make a schedule and calls and texts there employees in the middle of the night asking them to work.

There manager does not mantain a professional relationship with her employess and even has been know to sale a car to her employees. They are many thefts that have said to have taken place by assist managers themselves. The store obviously needs to be managed better and have someone from corporate come and take a look at how the store is being managed. I am a concerned consumer that has heard the same story from many former employees of Dollar General.

Also this Dollar General has a high theft rate, I have seen instances of individuals stealing stock from here and the employees were not able to stop them. This Dollar General needs some serious help with there management and employee traning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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The alleged things that former employees have told you are just plain gossip, more than likely by people who were fired or just plain quit because they thought they weren't be treated fairly, and therefore are trying to make trouble for the managers and store. You don't know that people from corporate don't visit the store, all stores have visitors from the main office from time to time.

Your idea of professionalism might be different than other people's. I have known managers that have certain employees that they will go out bar hopping with several nights a week, and even the teenage employees are mature enough to not worry about it. The partying at night didn't bother the rest of us, because even though we knew it was going on, we didn't worry about it, it wasn't any of our business. What difference does it make to you or anybody else whether or not a manager sold a car to an employee, it isn't anybody's business, but the people involved.

In the meantime, maybe you should be more concerned about correcting your really horrible spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Also mind your own business.

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