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we have a district mgr in baton rouge who is the rudest an most unsupportive DM I have every had. DM's I thought or there to support there team an build a good district.

This woman could care less about us, not only do we never see her try to get her to call us back is another story, it don't happen.

We cannot contact her before 9am on weekdays an can not contact her on weekends which she has told us she does not work. She is either sleeping with our regional director or she's doing someone else because our district is a wreck.

Why is she still around she is there for a check an thats it.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #634704

You do have to remember she is the boss. I'm sure there must be an assistant manager, for when the district manager isn't available.

As far as that goes, any district manager I have ever been aware of doesn't just work in one store, they travel a certain area to different stores of the name they work for. For each store there is a manager, then an assistant manager, and depending on the size of the store department managers. To me it sounds like you would like her job.

It is also really presumptuous of you to imply that she must be sleeping with the regional manager or anyone else. Sounds like pure jealousy to me.

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