North Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Went to my DG in North Fond du Lac, Wi on Saturday night, June 28. One check out girl Tanya was doing her best, but there were two girls with carts piled high with junk food items, they had let two other people go in front of them to cash out, but then they started in.

We waited in line for probably 20 minutes while they ran back and forth exchanging items. The manager was just walking around the store and when I left the line to ask him if he could cash us out, he told me no, he couldn't. So we waited longer, he walked around some more and finally opened another line. By this time we were all steaming!

When I asked him why he waited so long he said he was on his lunch break and it was against the law for him to come back early.

I guess I just want to know if this is true and if this is how customer service is treated at this store and others like it. I will think twice before going back there.

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I had worked at a dollar general and we could not help out on our breaks at all. Sorry but we are in titled to a break working over certain amount of hours its the law!!!

Crandon, Wisconsin, United States #839804

With Dollar General, if you are punched out for lunch break, you are not allowed to handle money. If you punch back in for a line of customers, to do a return or give the cashier change you are cheated out of your break and they still deduct it from your check (at least that is what one of our clerks told me.) This is one of the companies on the top 10 worst companies to work for.

Also if you are not the manager they only want you to work 15 hours a week, which means no benefits of any kind (law is now 25 hours a week to be considered full time). We have some single mothers who work in our local store, and if they are found out about having a second job, they will get fired, I have seen it happen before at our store.

There is a constant turn over of employees, most of them act like they are handicapped in one way or another. It is just a drama palace, and I try to go elsewhere when ever possible.

Tampa, Florida, United States #836373

It is true. Labor laws.

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