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I am a current employee at a Dollar General in Vacherie, LA. (front Vacherie) I don't recall the store number at the moment but I think its something like #157822 (maybe).

The people that I work with is fine. But some of the customers is annoying. But I guess that's just how people are. Honestly, I almost always speak to my customers.

I know the faces of the usual people that comes in just about twice a week and even everyday. Now, back to my fellow employees. The store manager is cool but he is kind of lazy. I hardly see him do anything.

I am the only cashier. We have 2 managers, one stocker a team lead, (cashier) and me. But the team lead is sort of like a manager so she isn't on the register if I am there. She is very very lazy.

The one thing I hate is when a customer changes their minds about getting an item she leaves them behind the register. And if I don't put it back she wont either. Nobody does!! I already feel bad becuz I am the ONLY black girl that works at this store.

I am at the bottom of the chain which means I get the lowest pay and I get the least amount of hours a week. I am neither pleased or pissed at this store. I just think it could be better off. The shelves in the back of the store is never neat.

(not my responsibility.) The stocker should be doing that.

Its just soo much with this store, its crazy!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Waycross, Georgia, United States #622451

Why are you complaining that you are on the bottom of the chain? Im sure you were interviewed and YOU accepted the position along with the wage per hr.So suck it up & do your job.

You talk about the customers that are annoying, but you stated in your complaint that you ALMOST always speak to your customers, maybe they are annoyed because YOU didnt acknowledge them. This store could even be a low volume store, meaning the store manager dont have a crapload of payroll from corporate to have alot of employees. Sounds like the few store employees need to pull together as a TEAM & get the job done. Try doing the hourly recovering process or following the daily EZ planner (located in the communication center).

Also it dont MATTER if your black, white, purple, green, or red you still have a job to do.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #619039

are. you.



do your job, there's people WITHOUT.

to klunx Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #619233

I do do my job. Jus annoying that other ppl that don't do their job gets paid more than me when I work my *** off every shift doing my duties and theirs

to S0_Sad Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #618323

No I wasn't fired. I still work there.

Mountain View, California, United States #618215

So sorry. I have seen what you go through

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