My daughter's husband has cancer he is dying. My daughter really needs insurance.

She is really depending on the insurance. She has been working for five years and has not missed s single day. However she and her hispanic manager got into an arguement. So my daughter because of the stress of her husbands sickness made up a lie about the manager saying that the manager said that if she wanted to fire anyone all she had to do was use her key and take $20 of the register to make them look like a bad cashier.

It turned out that this was a lie. She told this to the the corparate. They did an investigation and my daughter admitted to lying because she was angry at this hispanic manager susana baker she even apologized, despite her apology and admitting that she lied they fired her for the lie she made against this spic.

My daughter has a ten year old son to feed as well as well as a sick husband. how cruel and heartless can these nasis be, the corparate people were rude gustapos and if adolf hither were still alive they would work for his nasis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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Um, no matter her home life, she had no right to attempt to damage someone else's career. She obviously isn't mature enough to have a job (granted Dollar General Employees face terrible conditions, but thats no excuse), much less be a suitable mother.

Why does it matter if the manager is hispanic?

Get into the 21st century. Racist comments are unacceptable.

Also, "nasis" is spelled with a "z".

If you're going to insult somebody, do it right.

Also, get over yourself. People like you need to be sent to schools to be educated on how to interact with other human beings.


When someone is short for the day the cashier has to pay it back secretly. My register was short one night over 70.00 but the old register went on the blink during the transaction. The people I was checking out ended up paying cash.

Yes they will make it look like a check is missing or cash is missing. That is why every time a person would write a check I would write the check number and amount on paper so they could not say a check was missing at the end of the night.

If they want you out your register will be short no matter what even if you know your drawer is perfect.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #430004

I agree with Stephanie, saying sorry is not good enough especially if you destroy someone's repituation. What if you said something that resulted in someone ending up in jail or having their children taken from them. An I am sorry is not going to make it up.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #430003

Well your daughter sounds like she is a a couple grapes short of a fruit salad, not the brightest crayon in the box, a couple fries short of a big mac meal. However what the heck is a spic?


You are an ignorant, racist son of a ***. Your daughter lied, point blank.

Saying "I'm sorry" isn't enough most of the time, and a person grown up enough to have a 10 year old son should know that. I really wouldn't expect anything else from a person who's person thinks that calling someone a "spic" is acceptable. The manager didn't lie, your daughter did. Did she think she was going to get showered with flowers and money for giving out false information?

You should probably spend more time teaching your children how to do the right thing and less time putting down a company that simply terminated a dishonest employee.

Also, racism went out of a style a long time ago. That "spic" probably has more money and pride than you will ever have.

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