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everytime i go into the store and i try and use a coupon with whatever deal they have going on in store i get a diffrent response. Some people take it others refuse and others are horribly rude arguing with me.

I just can not imagine anyone is following the rules if every employee says and does something diffrent. There should be one set of rules for everyone including the cuatomer to avoid confusion but there is not. He said look up the coupon policy wich i did and was not violating any of the rules he just decided he was not going to try and work with me.

Its a shame to loose customers over under informed staff ,that is still the company's fault for their bad service and lack of store knowledge. A customer should not know more than an employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1355019

Fact of the matter is since there is so much fraud going on with coupons it's a bit difficult to keep everything straight and most of y'all want several transactions and are constantly voiding items and wasting A LOT of our time. These stores are ill equipped to cater to the particular needs of couponers given our budget for hours and labor.

I honestly wish they would stop taking them all together but it won't happen. So we have to police couponers and sometimes rules get lost in translation.

to Anonymous #1388268

Your anonymous.. not surprised..Your comments are irrelevant. If you don’t have a solution then stfu and make your $10/hr

to Cristina #1390701

Its not the employees job to police transactions. If it scans its accepted by DG .

Reconsider working with the public if you can't stand dealing with people. Lots of other stores to do business with, and they don't automatically assumed all their customers are just a nuisance.

to Smh #1390705

Cristina! That was directed to "anonymous" in Clinton Township MI

to Smh #1477051

And no... you are incorrect.

If a store is following the correct policies, then it is their job to police transactions by reading. Think about it. Someone has 20 coupons for Tide Pods. Most of them say, “ only two per household per day.” So they clean off the shelf of all the Pods, but other customers want some Pods and there are none there and every time they go in there, there are none so they shop elsewhere and a company loses any money that person would’ve supplementally spent all because of one selfish person abusing the system for others so they can go and sell them to their friends or flea markets or whatever and make a profit.

Also, if coupons aren’t read, they are used improperly and companies don’t reimburse for fraudulent transactions.I enjoy working with the public. I’m very good at it. Just because you don’t like what I have to say, doesn’t make it true. Couponers are very rare now in my store because we squashed all the fraud and the only ones we get are the ones that do it the correct way.

The only nuisances are the people I described.

So again, someone is assuming something because they don’t like what they hear. I’m not sure where you got your information but you have been grossly misinformed.

to Cristina #1477045

*you’re. And you’re assuming I make 10 dollars an hour.

That’s cute. No, I have tons of experience dealing with pesky customers that get irritated when they don’t get their way. There is a set of rules to follow but when certain customers get told no, the people behind the counter get treated like a pile of cow dung. If they are using their coupons correctly, then there is no problem.

90 percent of the time of the coupons aren’t working, it’s due to customer error. So there’s your solution, “Cristina”. — know what you are doing and read.10 dollars an hour... lmao.

Haven’t made that in 15 years. Nice try.

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