It is a travesty when the day comes that a corporation attempts to cover up mistakes made by their district/regional managers by getting rid of the 'disposables' who know what happened in a store.

One year ago there were nine employees who worked in Store #222 with Heather Azcatzl under the District Manager, Roy Singley. Today there only remains two of those nine, the others all have left because of the 'relationship' between Heather & Roy, or been fired for whatever bogus reason that the DM partnering with LP were able to concoct within the premis of Dollar General's loophole filled policies. The former manager, Mike Price, had brought that store up from unacceptable standards to near model in about one year which was an amazing feat in itself considering the 'quality' of people in that area, the foot traffic because it backs up to the government housing projects, and unfortunately many of the people in the town of Waverly are not of the best character. The shrink level dropped over 1/3 while sales went up over 30%. But yet his character and integrity have been brought into question, slandered by managers of other stores in the district (primarily in Erin & Tennessee Ridge). The store is in a constant state of disarray. The new store manager and staff are EXTREMELY rude and uncaring for the customer needs, almost as though customers are an inconvenience.

In October, Angie Craft had been terminated for fraudulent returns, pocketing money, taking pennied out merchandise AND reselling on a FB Closed Group "Humphreys County Buy Sell Trade". (Pictures of the merchandise along with the dates of the postings can be provided). The pennied out merchandise appeared 'coincidentally' soon after the July 2013 inventory during which it was discovered that this merchandise was still in the store. She applied for unemployment AND actually received it. HOWEVER, Mike Price has been denied to date of ANY unemployment and was NOT involved in any form or fashion of THEFT!

Bonnie Hedrick was terminated soon after Mike Price. Her crime... grazing, which had gone on for QUITE sometime, yet had never caught the attention of the DM who even noticed and made statements like, where's your receipt, can't have food at the register, do these empty chip bags belong to you. But NOTHING was ever done in spite of this being viewed in person AND on CCTV, until this recent 'sting' operation... all because of a cover up plan relating to Heather Azcatl.

Donny Nallinger, the LSA, was recently terminated in January 2014 for a couple of reasons, things that are NOT uncommon in MOST DG stores. First, he adjusted a price for 'customer satisfaction' because merchandise in the PROPER location still had sales stickers/price labels posted that were outdated and had been failed to be pulled by store employees. Any time I have in the past shopped in a DG store, it was the customer's satisfaction and my understanding of DG policy that the customer WAS to receive that price for whatever they ALREADY had at the register if indeed there was an error about the price. THEN the MOD was to immediately locate the product and correct the situation. Second, he 'ran' on one of his cashier's tills. NOT uncommon at all...and DG would lose over 1/2 its management staff if EVERYONE was terminated for this action. It's not like the cashier's till came up short either.

Sherry Brown was terminated within days of Donny's termination for giving a customer a past dated sale price which was still posted.... an action a sales associate is completely unable to complete without the MOD's key. So what happened to DG standing behind satisfying the customers?

Heather Azcatl, out of her OWN mouth, admitted during her time of assignment to Store #222 how she had partied so much that she was late for work hungover, clothes wrinkled, and explicit sexual conquests (told to co-workers as well as customers). She was constantly approaching customers and vendors for their numbers to be able to 'hit them up' later. She sent provocative pictures to co-workers whose numbers she had, which should have only been because of her position as SMC/ASM. She knowingly was sexually involved with the LSA Damien Cagle during her time at Store #222, as well as attempted to get involved with Sales Associate Max Stevens. Even though she has since been terminated herself after being assigned a DG store in Clarksville, the disastrous wake she left once her indiscretions were FINALLY called into accountability has caused untold damage to her former co-workers lives. (1) Mike's wife has had some recent health issues that have come to light that are resulting in a MAJOR financial hardship on a family already struggling. (2) Donny still struggling to find employment that will help with his family situation as well as keep his vehicle from being repossessed. (3) Sherry is a single mom/grandmother/sister, solely responsible for the care of her disabled sister, her grandchildren whose mother is incarcerated, and has limited ability because of an older unreliable vehicle.

It's a shame to see a corporation, that appears on all public levels, to be an amazing company who cares. But in fact, behind the scenes, they have store managers TOTALLY unprepared for management because of the poor training received, people worked long difficult hard hours for mere penance pay (yes, I know the rating of DG as the #4 worst company in the US to work for and now I understand why after talking to these people who were part of a community, trying to raise and improve YOUR corporate image, were like family and actually CARED about us, the customers). Unless some form of justice comes to the RIGHT people, and DG actually places someone in management positions at this store who CARE and DG will back up, Store #222 is going to fail. Amazingly, CashSaver moved in next door in June 2013 and DG/CashSaver actually complimented each other and had an amazing work relationship, caring for their customers TOGETHER. Now, CashSaver is getting the business DG should have... your shelves are empty, your store is a wreck, your employees now are rude and uncaring. Maybe it's time to clean house the RIGHT way!

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The woman that wrote this didn't even work for dollar general it was mike s wife she was fired for being caught on camera stealing and working with out being employed and got mad this is her retaliation toward good people and I would appreciate it if the article was removed because it has no validity and is just made up crap


I appreciate the story, and all the information. But, do you really expect things to change?

And, if you know so much, take it to corporate. I hate to say it, but nobody is gonna help here...


I was fired for not showing up for work and I received unemployment (actually, I had verbally given 2 weeks notice but my boss was angry and sent me a letter stating that I was fired for the reason I just stated.... This letter makes DG sound like one big drama fest.

Whatever happened to just going in to work, doing your job and then going home to your spouse/kids/friends/dog, etc?! Why get involved in company gossip, affairs, politics and drama?


As a whole people that are fired don't receive unemployment, when they are laid off they do. It all depends on how the dismissal is worded.

All I can say is being you named all of those names you better be darn sure you have proof of all your accusations. People that stick their noses where thy don't belong can end up getting in trouble.

Actually when something doesn't directly affect a person they should mind their own business.

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