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Update by user Oct 27, 2014

Store #12990 (I put the street number of the address by mistake)

Original review posted by user Oct 27, 2014

I recently went to the pumpkin patch in Hayden, AL and stopped at the Dollar General on the way back to browse. As my friends and I were walking around, the shift leader/ management / whoever called the police saying that she had some shoplifters in the store. We deliberately did not bring a purse or anything in the bathroom so that there would be no question about shoplifting. We never put our hands near the purse or anything to provoke any suspicion about shoplifting. Besides, it's Dollar General....who needs to steal from Dollar General?!?!?!

The girl in charge stood at the door when we left and accused us of stealing (we had heard her call the cops roughly 2minutes prior). She tried to tell us to not bring backpacks in her store again. We did not have a backpack, it was obviously a purse. I guess the fact that it didn't go over one shoulder predisposed her to believe that anyone would ever want to steal from her ***-poor store.

This woman proceeded to COME AT US IN A CONFRONTATIONAL MANNER, trying to incite us to fight her I guess....

Dollar General really needs to evaluate who they hire and promote within this company because as it stands, they obviously do not want a customer base.

Store #865

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Management.

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every one steals from there! and stores like it.

its too packed with stuff. not many cameras and mostly has only two people on shift at a time. where they put these dollars stores are usually not in the best neighborhoods. even in a small city.

are you under 18? if so most cities and states allow private owners (dollar general) to force the under 18 policy. which states only 2 under at a time. also private property also means they can have you remove your backpacks (they cant look in them in most states) or "kick you out" for suspicious behavior.

if you dont know the difference between private and public please ask your parents or look it up. i hope this helps. the best way to avoid such instances is to not "look like" you are up to no good. (dont go in with more than 3 people (any age) dont look around the store than look at an employee than quickly look around more.

dont be loud. dont throw things. put things back in their place. leave a pack back up front by check out.

dont swear. keep hands away from your pockets.) not saying you guys did any of this. just letting you know what red flags go off by those actions. i know any of those things i'd be watching you closely because they are proven red flags of retail from a thief.

and ever the "rich" retail places people steal from. unfortunately if you ever read this i have a feeling that you DO steal just from your remarks. probably from walmart.

because walmart spells class. oh and its still seen as ageism if you referred to an employee as a girl.

to walmart spells cl*** Birmingham, Alabama, United States #897472

I'm way older than 13..... the 'backpack' was a purse and typical purse size and on the girl's back (which would make it harder to steal anyway).

We never brought the purse in the bathroom-for the reason of this topic. I referred to her as 'girl' because she did not act like a lady or a manager. When someone in 'power' tries to instigate a fight based off of no evidence, employee to customer, the customer has more rights in that case (if the customer didn't try to instigate).

We never gave them any reason to suspect us.

We were just browsing. Anything we picked up, we obviously put back. The backpack purse stayed on both shoulders, no one ever put theirhands near it. We just weren't some hillbillies so we're a good target and/or she was bored out of her little mind.Someone at some other time stole some fragrance and they think that we did it I guess.

We never even went down that aisle because it smells like cheap *** dollar store fragrances.First of all, why would you even want dollar General fragrance? It probably smells like feet.

But if they want to treat 3 girls who dressed not like hood rats and left in a nice car, whatever....I mean I now have the district manager's direct number and I'm pretty sure he fired that woman. He told me if there were ever any other issues like that, to call him and he's serious about building and keeping a customer base and pleasant experience at the store.

He was appalled at the situation.

Why would you even assume we were 18? I don't know many 18 year olds who capitalize properly. And 18 year olds that contract the corporate office to file a formal complaint and contact the BBB.

This group of girls have all worked retail..we know how it's supposed to be and if there is a suspicion, there are appropriate ways to address it.

But it probably doesn't matter now.

She's probably trying to work at Wal-Mart now.

to dollars made no cents #902142

if it goes on the back its a back pack. lol

to ha Birmingham, Alabama, United States #902148

If it's marketed as and sold as a purse, it's a purse. Regardless, a) waaaaaay more complicated to use those to steal since you have to take them off essentially and un-cinch them, etc and b) the district manager was appalled and fired her

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