Nothing has happened except you are losing hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars because of the condition of the store in Westminster, SC. The aisles are always blocked. the shelves hardly have any inventory on them and ones that do, it is in no order. The shelves are littered with empty cardboard display containers and customer trash. The floors are covered with merchandise that has been ransacked for days. There is always a waiting time to get checked out even with very few customers in the store.

I have shopped many of the areas dollar General stores and not found this pitiful display of inept management. The parking lot and sidewalk are filthy and the store does not have the merchandise I see in other stores. It is probably still in the stock room.

I can go to the store and walk through with a cart and in less than 5 minutes have a cart half filled with merchandise that is out of place. Merchanside is strewn all over the store with no categorical grouping.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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