as a regular customer spending an average of $150 per week at your store and my church and shelter clients spend another $100 a week not to mention double that on seasonal items I take exception to not being able to use a rest room while shopping. there is no way a restroom stays out of working order for more than 2 weeks.

i don't like being conned and the rude cashier more or less told me they did not go to the restroom either since they did not work. Really! would you buy that. the 6 of us loaded up my wheel chair and went to the Family Dollar 12 blocks away and will continue to do so unless i receive an answer to this.i liked Dollar General and had good relations with the manager, but i nor do my congregation like being treated this way.

i know this loss won't break your company, but many of them will make a dent in this store. yours in Christ, Pastor Sheila DuBose @ fpcorhc@yahoo.com or 361-737-6099

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Funny Mann

I could go into DG 150 days in a row and not spend that much money. What are you getting? I need to know this is driving me crazy.

Naples, Florida, United States #607039

Stores are only required to supply their employees with a restroom. NOT customers.

Pee before you go. And what can you possibly buy for $150 every week at DG??

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