To May It Cocern.I just went Dollar Genera a few minutes. The first Time I went in there Everything as correct.

I forget to get something so I had to go back and get something else I had to get so I go in the store. And one of the two ladies was workin was in there Checked me out at the register. So I had a debit card so I work it with the machine. Well the first time it got denied well.

i Came back in back and tried again and it was the same on that to. Well I told the lady at the register to take it back Well I left the things at the counter went outside and came out. And white lady with glasses not sure who was was .But when I got back out to the town she went to door at the store and hollering out your card got denied and I knew not . She was very disrespected to me and the peole with me they had customers in the store when it was .I dont kno who she was but she needs to learn to be more nice to people.

And she is not friendly at all.So I hope someone can do something for this before something else happens again to someone else. I was not attending my business to be out like that. Employees should not do that to there customers. I hope something will be done.

She says no that u or come or do u need help.

Thanks for understandin my request hope to hear back friday THE time was 438pm SUNDAY THE 25TH Email address is Flbbygurl25@yahoo.com Kimberly is my name! Thanks

Reason of review: Not doing there job talkon.

I didn't like: Poor consumer relations.

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I hope you got your parents permission before posting on here.




This is very confusing to read because of the incoherent sentences, misspellings, and bad punctuation. Try again.

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